Field of Study

BA Cognitive Science - Bachelor of Arts Cognitive Science
BA Cultural & Heritage Tourism - Bachelor of Arts Cultural & Heritage Tourism
BA Drama & Performance Studies - Bachelor of Arts Drama & Performance Studies
BA General Studies - Bachelor of Arts General Studies
BA International Studies - Bachelor of Arts International Studies
BA Music - Bachelor of Arts Music
BA Music & Drama Performance - Bachelor of Arts Music & Drama Performance
BA Philosophy, Politics and Law - Bachelor of Arts Philosophy, Politics and Law
BA Visual Art - Bachelor of Arts Visual Art
BAdmin - Bachelor of Administration
BAgric - Bachelor of Agriculture
BAgricultural Management - Bachelor of Agricultural Management
BArchitectural Studies - Bachelor of Architectural Studies
BBusiness Administration - Bachelor of Business Administration
BBusiness Science - Bachelor of Business Science
BCom - Bachelor of Commerce
BCom Accounting - Bachelor of Commerce Accounting
BCommunication Pathology: Audiology - Bachelor of Communication Pathology: Audiology
BCommunication Pathology: Speech-Language - Bachelor of Communication Pathology: Speech-Language
BCommunity & Development Studies - Bachelor of Community and Development Studies
BDental Therapy - Bachelor of Dental Therapy
BEd - Bachelor of Education
BLaws - Bachelor of Laws
BMedical Science: Anatomy - Bachelor of Medical Science: Anatomy
BMedical Science: Physiology - Bachelor of Medical Science: Physiology
BMusic - Bachelor or Music
BNursing - Bachelor of Nursing
BOccupational Therapy - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
BOptometry - Bachelor of Optometry
BPharmacy - Bachelor of Pharmacy
BPhysiotherapy - Bachelor of Physiotherapy
BSc Agric - Bachelor of Science Agriculture
BSc Agric Agribusiness - Bachelor of Science Agriculture Agribusiness
BSc Agric Agricultural Economics - Bachelor of Science Agriculture Economics
BSc Agric Agricultural Plant Sciences - Bachelor of Science Agriculture Agricultural Plant Sciences
BSc Agric Animal and Poultry Science - Bachelor of Science Agriculture Animal and Poultry Science
BSc Applied Chemistry - Bachelor of Science Applied Chemistry
BSc Applied Physics - Bachelor of Science Applied Physics
BSc Augmented Programme - Bachelor of Science Augmented Programme
BSc Biological Sciences - Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences
BSc Biomedical Sciences - Bachelor of Science Biomedical Sciences
BSc Chemical Technology - Bachelor of Science Chemical Technology
BSc Computer Science and Information Technology - Bachelor of Science Computer Science and Information Technology
BSc Crop & Horticultural Science - Bachelor of Science Crop & Horticultural Science
BSc Dietetics - Bachelor of Science Dietetics
BSc Eng Agriculture - Bachelor of Science Engineering Agriculture
BSc Eng Chemical - Bachelor of Science Engineering Chemical
BSc Eng Civil - Bachelor of Science Engineering Civil
BSc Eng Computer - Bachelor of Science Engineering Computer
BSc Eng Electrical - Bachelor of Science Engineering Electrical
BSc Eng Electronic - Bachelor of Science Engineering Electronic
BSc Eng Land Surveying - Bachelor of Science Engineering Land Surveying
BSc Eng Mechanical - Bachelor of Science Engineering Mechanical
BSc Environmental Science - Bachelor of Science Environmental Science
BSc Foundation Programme - Bachelor of Science Foundation Programme
BSc Geological Sciences - Bachelor of Science Geological Sciences
BSc Industrial & Applied Biotechnology - Bachelor of Science Industrial & Applied Biotechnology
BSc Industrial Mathematics - Bachelor of Science Industrial Mathematics
BSc Marine Biology - Bachelor of Science Marine Biology
BSc Operations Research - Bachelor of Science Operations Research
BSocial Work - Bachelor of Social Work
BSocSc General Studies - Bachelor of Social Science General Studies
BSocSc Geography & Environmental Management - Bachelor of Social Science Geography & Environmental Management
BSocSc Government Business & Ethics - Bachelor of Social Science Government Business & Ethics
BSocSc Housing - Bachelor of Social Science Housing
BSocSc International Studies - Bachelor of Social Science International Studies
BSocSc Management & Communication Studies - Bachelor of Social Science Management & Communication Studies
BSocSc Philosophy, Politics & Law - Bachelor of Social Science Philosophy, Politics & Law
BSocSc Psychology - Bachelor of Social Science Psychology
BSport Science - Bachelor of Sport Science
BTheology - Bachelor of Theology
Dip Oral Health - Diploma in Oral Health
Humanities 4 years
Management Sciences Extended Curriculum
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Mazisi Kunene Road, Glenwood, Berea, Durban Metro, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
T: (031) 260-1111

The University of KwaZulu-Natal or UKZN is a university with five campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. It was formed on 1 January 2004 after the merger between the University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville.