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Field of Study

B HMS - Bachelor of Human Movement Science
B Speech-Language Therapy - Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Therapy
Bachelor of Arts
BAdmin (Public Administration) - Bachelor of Administration (Public Administration)
BAdmin Human Resource Management - Bachelor of Administration (Human Resource Management)
BAgric - Bachelor of Agriculture
BApplied Communication Management - Bachelor of Applied Communication Management
BCom Acc - Bachelor of Commerce Accounting
BCom Bus/Economics - Bachelor of Commerce Business / Economics
BCom Bus/Industrial Psychology - Bachelor of Commerce Business / Industrial Psychology
BCom General - Bachelor of Commerce General
BCom Information Systems - Bachelor of Commerce Information Systems
BCom Inter-faculty - Bachelor of Commerce Inter-faculty
BCom Law - Bachelor of Commerce Law
BComAcc2 - Bachelor of Commerce Accounting 2
BCur - Bachelor of Nursing
BEconomics - Bachelor of Economics
BEd (FET) Agric - Bachelor of Education (Further Education and Training) Agriculture
BEd (FET) Commerce- Bachelor of Education (Further Education and Training) Commerce
BEd (FET) Humanities - Bachelor of Education (Further Education and Training) Humanities
BEd (FET) Science - Bachelor of Education (Further Education and Training) Science
BEd (GET) Foundation Phase - Bachelor of Education
BEd (GET) Intermediate Phase - Bachelor of Education (General Education and Training) Intermediate Phase
BEd (GET) Senior Phase - Bachelor of Education (General Education and Training) Senior Phase
BFine Arts - Bachelor of Fine Arts
BLibrary and Information Sciences - Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences
BMus - Bachelor of Music
BSc - Bachelor of Science
BSc Agric - Bachelor of Science Agriculture
BSocial Sciences - Bachelor of Social Sciences
BSocial Sciences (Human Res Management) - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Human Resource Management)
BSocial Work - Bachelor of Social Work
BTheology - Bachelor or Theology
Dip in Fine Arts - Diploma in Fine Arts
LLB - Bachelor of Laws
University of Fort Hare
University of Fort Hare, Alice Campus, Ring Road, Alice, South Africa
T: +27 (0)40 602 2011
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The University of Fort Hare is a vibrant, equitable and sustainable African university. We have over 15 000 students across 3 campuses in 6 faculties. We are committed to teaching and research excellence and we are at the service of ours students, scholars and the wider community, and have been for over 100 years!.