Quick Sketch Artist

Artists express thoughts, feelings and ideas by creating paintings or drawings. After making preliminary sketches they complete the composition using acrylics, oils and watercolours.

Quick sketch artists draw people, animals, still life or landscapes etc. Some quick sketch artists work from photographs. Their work may be exhibited by various art galleries and sometimes even sold abroad. Some sell their work to the public by exhibiting at flea markets.

Although quick sketch artists do not necessarily have to have a tertiary training, it is extremely difficult to make a living from art alone, therefore a degree in graphic arts or art and design would give an artist access to other careers in the arts field, e.g. graphic design. To be a quick sketch artist takes a lot of talent, but also many hours of practice.

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

  • Minimum Grade 9
  • National Senior Certificate meeting degree requirements for a degree course
  • National Senior Certificate meeting diploma requirements for a diploma course

Each institution has its own entry requirements.

What to Study

Degree: BA (Fine Art) – all universities.

Diploma: Various diplomas are offered at most universities of technology – DUT, VUT, TUT

Certificate and short courses: – various TVET colleges and specialised art colleges.


  • art galleries
  • self-employment, as a freelance artist

Further Information

National Arts Council
P O Box 500
Newtown, 2113
Tel: (011) 838-1383 Fax: (011) 838-6363
E-mail: info@nac.org.za

Tel: 082 230 CALL
Tel: 082 230 2255 Fax: (011) 388-1045
E-mail: info@artslink.co.za

Artthrob Online magazine

Getting Started

  • take art courses or extra art lessons or attend a school for ballet, art and music
  • make an appointment to speak to a good artist about this type of career