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Kaizen Applications (KA) was founded in support of the National Development Plan (NDP) – Vision 2030. By 2030 the goal is to have head-count enrolments of 1.6 million in public universities, 2.5 million in TVET colleges, and 1.0 million in the community colleges which are discussed in this White Paper. In addition, it is estimated that there will be approximately 0.5 million enrolments in private further and higher educational institutions

Kaizen Applications will contribute directly to the attainment of the NDP 2030 access requirements. This is augmented by the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training (2013).

Our Mission

what makes Us

Kaizen applications exists to take away the pain away the pain from applying to various recognized public and private tertiary institute and skills training centers in SA through one, simple, easy to use kaizen application online platform.

Kaizen Applications plays a key role towards providing informed access to Universities and other Post School Education and Training (PSET) opportunities for students, and to make the choices and placement of students across the system more effective.

Why Kaizen Application?

Kaizen Applications is R.E.A.L

Kaizen Process

The Kaizen Applications service is built on efficient technology and processes: the system will, at all times, do what it is intended to do and provide a dependable and secure application processing service for all

Kaizen Applications will process applications in a manner that demonstrates efficiency whilst maintaining a consistently high level of service quality and delivering value for money for all applicants

Kaizen Applications will provide an inclusive and user-friendly application processing service that meets all of its diverse stakeholder needs, I.e. a Website platform and Mobile application

Kaizen Applications will ensure its responsibility as the leading organization entrusted with processing applications for entry into Institutions of Higher Education, Training and Skills Development Throughout South Africa is never compromised

Kaizen Relevance

How we lead

Impartiality, Honesty and Transparency

Kaizen is founded on service delivery, KA will continue to deliver a fair and efficient service to applicants based on transparency. In order to achieve this, KA will maintain a working relationship with Institutions of Higher Education, Training and Skills Development Throughout South Africa.


KA will actively engage with Institutions of Higher Education, Training and Skills Development Throughout South Africa to identify new or changing application processing service requirements (points, requirements, etc.) and will adopt a proactive approach to responding to emerging application-related service needs in real time.

A Guide for Parents / Guardians

This resource has been prepared Kaizen Applications to assist parents and guardians supporting a student in their undergraduate application to Higher Education Institutions and it is available on social media platforms.