casual or part-time jobs for students

As a student you may consider getting a part-time job to earn extra cash.  The best kind of job is the one that pays the most but to find a job to suit your personality. Try to do something that you like doing, the more enthusiastic you are in your work the more successful you will be. A part-time job has long-term career benefits, it helps to expand your networks, gives you work-related skills and it looks good on your CV. Here are some part-time job ideas for students.  Rank these in order of interest to you, then see which ones you can realistically see yourself doing with your time and resources available.


As a waiter you need to enjoy working with people, have a pleasant manner, a ready smile and a positive attitude. To be a good waiter you need to enjoy the hustle and bustle of people. This work is usually hourly paid and in some cases you can earn additional money from tips. The work is however, physically demanding, as it involves carrying trays of food and drinks, working shifts which can involve late hours and work on weekends and holidays. Despite the pressure the busier the better especially when relying on tips for your income. If you don’t have these qualities then you won’t last. Read more here,


This position is great because it requires little to no experience, offers flexible hours (depending on the place), and is readily available. You will need to work with customers and in likelihood manage food orders as well. For more information visit,

Health food outlet

Choose the type of place you are interested in working in. For example if you have an interest in healthy life-style or an environmentally caring outlet the  you can choose your food outlets depending on the your choice, including health shops, Juice and Smoothie bars serving for those with a passion for produce and healthy lifestyle. For more information visit,


If you enjoy coffee and have an interest in a culinary approach to making coffee then consider working as a Barista serving coffee either in a coffee bar or Today’s coffee lover enjoys a more culinary approach with an interest in the coffee’s origin, it’s roasting, and brewing methods. This culinary approach to coffee is often referred to as coffee’s third wave movement. Coffee has become a viable long term business with large corporate chains such as Mugg ‘n Bean and the independent most of these jobs require barista experience, they are a wonderful option for college students. Today, working in the specialty coffee industry is no longer viewed as a part-time or in-between job, but a viable career opportunity. For more information visit,


This is a great job for those who want a flexible, on-call position with decent pay. Previous experience in food service is a plus. There will likely be different locations for each event, offering an escape from your typical routine. For more information visit,

Mobile Food Vendor

Depending on where you live, food trucks are the growing local business trend. You will also gain some customer service experience, food prep experience, and the chance to travel while you work. The advantage of a mobile food vendor is that the work hours are more flexible than a fixed building establishment. You may even open your own mobile food vending business one day.


Bartenders serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to customers or prepare drinks which waiters serve to customers. They mix drinks according to standard recipes or customer requests and usually collect payment for the drinks. If you have the training (and the age) necessary to work as a bartender, take advantage of it while you study. This job will have a cool social scene and offer higher pay than most part-time jobs depending on where you work. For more information visit,

Wine Steward

If you are really interested in working in the food service industry and you have a particular interest in fine dining, which includes wines, then take a step up and try your hand at learning the wine trade. Wine stewards serve wine and drinks to customers in hotel lounges, bars and in restaurant dining rooms. The main responsibility of wine steward is to inform clients on various wines help them to establish what they want to drink and to serve them accordingly. For more information visit,

Modelling & Acting for Adverts

Are you good looking, smart or do you have an unusual appeal which you think may be sought after by an agent. Due to the diversity and range of consumer products there is a demand for a diversity of both female as well as male models. As a student you may be try out for a small role in a TV advert or you may be suitable as a ramp model for clothing.  There are some who go on to make a career as photographic model. If you have an interest in modelling then build a portfolio of your work and get in touch with a reputable agency in order to try out for part-time work, or do a short course in modelling. For more information visit,

Sales Assistant

Do you have an interest in any of the following: clothing, fashion, hardware, food, electronic goods, furniture, sport, robotics, animals, books etc? Combine your interest with selling and you have a sales assistant job in any shop you can think of.  For example, if you love fashion then try to get a job in a boutique where you can combine your love of cloths with your interest in people. If you love radio controlled cars then work in a hobby shop which sells drones and electronic equipment. If you love books then believe it or not bookstores are making a resurgence. You do need to have the right personality but it helps if you love the products that you are selling. You’ll save money on clothing, equipment and accessories, as most boutiques offer employee discounts. You will also get to network with people who you can share a common interest with. This will help your hobby or later career. For more information on a salesperson visit,

Au Pair (Baby Sitter)

If you plan on working with children in the future then working as an Au Pair will provide valuable experience. The main responsibility of an au pair (baby sitter) is to take care of young children for a host family. They also perform various chores in the homes of the families that employ them. Young people sometimes work as an au pair as a means of working in a foreign country, and to gain experience and self-confidence before they commence studies or a career.  For more information visit,

Pet Sitter

Do you love animals of all kinds? Could you see yourself in a part-time job caring for other people’s pets while they are on holiday? A pet sitter’ job is to care for the animals while the owners are away or on business. Duties may include, feeding, putting out fresh water, grooming the pets, walking the pet, cleaning the garden or litter box or giving medications. Try starting a pet sitting business. First decide what kinds of animals you would like to care for then expand your services to provide care for a variety of other animals such as exotic birds, fish, snakes, horses, etc. The advantage of this kind of work is that you work with animals and don’t have the pressure of working with people all the time.

House Sitter

The house sitter looks after the houses while people are on holiday or business. The house sitter lives in and cares for the house they are minding. The duties may include, house cleaning, basic garden maintenance, caring for pets, forwarding mail and phone messages and security. House sitting is an easy way to earn cash without having to spend time at a job. Start a little business and advertise yourself through friends and family in order to build up a list of good references.

Volunteer Worker

From working in a charity shop to volunteering in an animal rescue shelter, there are lots of valuable volunteer and charity jobs out there. You may not get paid for it, but volunteer work lets you help out a good cause at the same time as building up valuable experience for your CV. You’ll gain an understanding of how charities work, and your experiences may even inspire you to pursue a career in this sector. Even if you don’t, skills you gain through fundraising can be applied to other walks of life, while your charity work also shows you to be a compassionate person and someone who’s willing to fight for what they believe in.


Do you have a skill or talent in a specific subject area which you can teach to other people? Perhaps you don’t even know you that you have a skill. Perhaps you have not considered teaching skills to other people as a way of earning money. Think about it, would you enjoy working with individuals or small groups? Are you sincere and patient with a desire to help other people? A tutor is like a guide or a mentor or an instructor. Here are some ideas for tutoring:

  • Music: Can play (or sing) a musical instrument very well?
  • Computers: you are good at using computer packages like MS Office. Do you have a skills in using graphic design packages such as Adobe Photoshop or web design skills using WordPress or other computer packages?
  • Do you have skills in a specific subject which you can teach part-time to school children? These may be end-user packages like Microsoft , Mathematics, Physical Science, Language, etc.


Do you notice things that are printed that other people don’t seem to notice? Are you a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to using the correct language?  Are you studying a language like English at University? If you are interested in language then try your hand at proof reading. One of the advantages of proofreading is you can do it almost anywhere. Part-time proofreading work can be done from home, and is a good way to earn money in your area of expertise. You can even specialise in CV writing or formal business letter writing. Skills of a proofreader are in high demand. Start by offering your services to family and friends until you have built up a client list. Then advertise your skills to individuals and businesses in your area.

Photographer or Videographer

Are you a creative person with an interest in photography or videography? Do you have a good camera or film camera and the right equipment (for camera DSLR). Perhaps consider building up your portfolio and start offering your services to people. Start your own photography business by photographing your friends for special events or professional headshots. Speak to a local photographer or videographer to see if they need assistance part-time or on weekends. The advantage of this kind of work is that you can be flexible.  For more information select, and

Social Media Manager

Do you have excellent skills in setting up and using social media? Put those skills to good use by offering your services to people who need help in setting up their social media accounts for themselves or for their businesses. Skills in using Global social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram are in demand. Perhaps contact a social media professional and ask them if they need assistance. Build up a portfolio of your social media expertise online to demonstrate that you have the skills. The advantage of this kind of work is that sometimes this can be done remotely and for multiple clients.


Do you have a passion about a specific topic that you would like to share with people on the internet? Then consider creating a blog. A Blog is very similar to a website but is more personal and usually on one specific topic which you have a passion for. Usually, blogs are being updated quite often so posting new content including videos, images, and articles is required. Can you make money? Yes you can but only of your blog becomes successful and you start attracting a lot of users. The advantage of starting a blog is that there is no risk and almost no cost in setting it up. You can work on your blogging skills remotely and over time you can build your future business based on your content marketing skills. A number of businesses hire bloggers to create attractive and relatable content for their websites. For more info visit,

Graphic Designer

Do you have an interest in drawing and designing? Do you have some knowledge of how to use Graphic Design packages Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, there are endless job possibilities for you. Work as a freelance designer, create content for local businesses or find an internship at a local marketing agency. The pay range is wide depending on the company, but hours can be flexible and the work can be remote. For more information visit,

Brand Ambassador

Are you friendly, energetic and outgoing? Are you look at a career in marketing or public relations or communications? Perhaps consider doing promotional work for a company as a brand ambassador for a product. A brand ambassador is responsible for creating a positive image of a company’s product to a target audience. The work involves cold calling, email marketing, social media, handing out flyers and attending events to represent the product or the company. One of the advantages is that you gain sales and promotional experience through a brand within a specific organisation.

Food Delivery Driver

Do you have a car? Would you like to earn cash by dropping off food orders such as take-aways for people? Food Delivery Drivers transport food items from production areas to customers. Your duties will involve loading food, transporting it to the destination, making sure food safety standards are respected, collecting payments, and reporting any vehicle mechanical problems.  UberEATS — Hires drivers 19 years and older. For more information visit,


Do you have a special talent or craft that you want to share with the world? Make money off your handmade goods by selling these at craft markets or by advertising through your network of family and friends. Find one or two products that you are good at doing and which people like to buy then increase your supply and find outlets to sell these products. Over time you will build up a good network and if your products start selling your small business may turn into a career. For more information on craft type careers read here.